Noise Monitoring Website now providing a noise monitoring database.

Our partner company, Enbox Ltd, has expanded the services offered to include a monitoring database to sit alongside the Section 61 website database.  The following is a brief list of the facilities available.

  • Very clear user interface and data display on dedicated website –
  • Noise monitoring data from any noise meter can be stored over any time period
  • Noise monitoring locations shown on Google Maps
  • Data analysed against threshold criteria levels
  • Ability to validate each exceedance
  • Meter information, calibration details, site notes and site location photographs stored for each monitoring location
  • Login codes allow varying degrees of access for different users

The noise monitoring database went live at the start of the year and is already in use on Crossrail Contact C512 by BBMV Ltd where data from 12 noise monitors is regularly uploaded and automatically analysed against the Crossrail Noise Insulation and Temporary Rehousing criteria.  On the first day of service we uploaded over 200,000 hours of noise monitoring data covering nearly 2 years of historic data.

To date we’re up to nearly a quarter of a million hours of noise data stored on the site!

If you’d like to use this facility on your current project,  or perhaps you’d like all of your noise monitoring data archived and stored in an easily accessible and professional format, then feel free to contact us.

Enbox Map




Enbox Noise Graph